Month: October 2015

Dolly Rehab: Kanani

I recently found a Kanani (the 2011 AG Girl of the Year) on Ebay for a price that didn’t make me cry. She was in need of ‘doll whispering’ (to use Neth of American Girl Outsider’s phrase), but she wasn’t completely trashed. She’d been up for a few days and I was surprised she was still available by the time I decided to get her, considering that every other Kanani in similar condition was much more expensive.

Here’s how she looked when she was listed on Ebay (photo taken from the Ebay listing):
A picture of a Kanani doll. Her hair is dry and she has shine marks and subtle lipstick marks on her face.

As you can see, Kanani’s got a lot of lipstick marks and shines on her face from the person who’d had her last. Friendly reminder not to put human makeup on dolls – it never looks good and it will end up being difficult to take off down the line. Her hair’s also a bit dry.

Here’s how she looks after some scrubbing (and putting some clothes on!):

A picture of Kanani wearing a black and white striped shirt with a sequin motif at the top.

Still not perfect, but definitely an improvement. The shines are still there and I’ll get rid of those with a Magic Eraser in a few days, but most of the heavier makeup stains are much less visible with some soap and water. I’ve also put some shine back in her hair with some braid spray, though I may need to do a few more applications over the next few days to get it back to something closer to its original lustre.

Some more photos:
Kanani wearing a striped shirt, pink skirt, black leggings and black boots.

Kanani managing to out-Grace Grace in some of her clothes.

Kanani wearing a striped shirt, pink skirt, black leggings and black boots.
Kanani wearing a striped shirt, pink skirt, black leggings and black boots.

Back to School with the Interdimensional Crew (by Saila)

Hey guys! This is my first time writing here and I just wanted to show you some of the back-to-school fashions we’ve put together.

First, here’s all of us together! I’ll describe the individual outfits as I go along.

Grace, Saila, Alice, Josefina, Caroline, Maryellen, Addy, Emily

Addy’s wearing her blue school dress. She looks really good in blue and the dress is super-fancy (at least to me! She says it’s normal for kids of her time though). Emily’s got on a mint-green dress and a brown shrug, and she’s borrowing Mary Ellen’s shoes.

Emily and Addy
Emily and Addy
Emily and Addy

Grace is wearing the outfit she wore to AGP Boston – a slouchy brown sweatshirt, colourful geometric leggings and a pair of stompy black boots. She also has her wheelchair now, which will help with her mobility issues. Josefina’s wearing a ruffly white camisa and a red striped skirt – that outfit looks super comfy!

Grace and Josefina
Grace and Josefina

I lent Caroline my blue cardigan – I thought it’d match the colour of her eyes. She’s wearing Grace’s meet shirt underneath (covering up that stupid tacky print), a pair of jeggings and a pair of grey polka-dot flats that Grace and Emily picked up from AGP last weekend. She’s from 1812 but she’ll wear modern stuff anyways because she’s a time traveller. Mary Ellen is wearing her poodle skirt outfit – so 50s!

Caroline and Maryellen
Caroline and Maryellen

And finally… Alice and me! Alice is wearing a cool punk-inspired outfit that she got on Etsy, accessorized with her ‘Queer Nerd’ button. I’m pulling a Claudia Kishi from the Baby-Sitters Club with my outfit. I threw on a pink sweatshirt with studs, a floaty white skirt that I borrowed from Grace, and some black leggings, and put my hair in a side ponytail. (The BSC books are some of my favourite books, even though they’re really retro now. I bet my mom read them when she was a kid. No cellphones or internet? I think modern technology would make their jobs a lot easier. Like, Claudia wouldn’t stand out for having her ~*own phone line*~ – gasp!)

Saila and Alice
Saila and Alice


Emily and I go to the American Girl Place in Boston – and visit the Jinjia Mixed Goods gang (by Grace)

Emily and I (and our Big Person, of course) went to the American Girl Place in Boston (well, not technically Boston, but close enough!) on 27th September. We went with Kasey of Kasey Reviews Stuff and Windstar of Jinjia Mixed Goods – and Windstar’s Kana, who Emily spent time with at the Museum of Science back in May. I was really excited to go as my dad’s parents are from Boston and I visit them in Cambridge sometimes.

Before we actually got to the AGP we saw a Maryellen behind some glass, seeming to do some sort of self-portrait. She looks just like the one I know! The display was advertising some sort of painting activity. Maybe I should tell Saila about it; I think she’d enjoy that sort of thing.

When we got inside the AGP I went up to a display case with ‘my’ pâtisserie! There was another ‘me’ there and it was a bit awkward (though I think I look better – my outfit was much trendier and I think my eyes are a bit less wonky). Also I’m from Leeds (well, Otley technically) and I’m only half American – my dad’s from Boston and moved to the UK before I was born. The pâtisserie looks different to the ones I’ve seen in France as well, though it is cute and I sort of wish our Big Person would get it for me. He swears up and down we haven’t got room though. *sighs*

I also pulled out my laptop to start blogging (one of my favourite things – it’s hard to pull me away from my computer once you’ve got it in front of me). xD

I popped in to Maryellen’s diner to look at the food – those milkshakes looked delicious. Omnomnom! Though I wish my shirt didn’t start falling off my shoulder as soon as I sat down.

Here are a load of modern girls who look as though they’re in a fish tank! I’d hate to be cramped in like that, especially in that horrible excuse for an outfit. :-O If I ended up with that dress in my collection I’d have it burnt straightaway because it’s one of the ugliest things I’ve ever seen. (Oh wait! Maybe I’d wear it for a Hallowe’en costume and get some alien antennae. TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER, SO I CAN TELL THEM OFF FOR BEING SUCH A SHIT FASHION DESIGNER. I COME FROM THE FUTURE AND IT’S APPARENTLY POORLY ACCESSORISED.)

Our Big People got lunch at the bistro! I sat down with Emily and one of the other Graces – I think this was Kasey’s Grace (both of the other Big People ended up getting Graces. It was a bit weird hanging out with two of me!). She was probably thinking, ‘I can’t wait to get out of the shop so I can take off this horrible meet outfit and put on something better’. (I can sympathise – I felt the same way, but I don’t think I had that outfit on more than a few minutes. Alice took it and for some reason she looked less ridiculous in it than I did.)

As we were eating one of the employees spotted me with my computer out and said ‘She’s the smart one, isn’t she?’ That’s right. 😛 (I’m also borrowing Kana’s glasses here. I had to give them back but I did end up getting my own pair later!)

Later we went round Kana’s place and met the rest of the gang! I visited Lily and looked at all her potions and Hogwarts textbooks (Advanced Potion-Making happened to be there!). I wish I could actually do proper spells – the Harry Potter books are some of my favourites. My copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone is worn-out from me reading it over and over again. You’ll see that I’ve got my own glasses now as well, though they didn’t stay yellow for long. They’re now a nice dark purple colour. 🙂

I went to look at Caroline’s Parlour (Caroline not included). It was really nice though it’s not really my personal style. Other!Grace was there and so was Nora, though Nora is cut off.

Here’s a close-up of me in the parlour:

Emily decided to come out after being massively shy all day, and went to look at some of the books. As you can see she changed into Kit’s dress which she ended up getting that day.

Emily and Kana posed together as well.

Emily and I had a great time – we’d really like to go back to AGP and spend more time with more of our fellow miniature people. 😀

Grace xx