This is the first of a series of ‘Lookbook’ posts, where members of the Interdimensional Crew show off outfits that bring out their personalities and keep up with current trends (or in some cases, start their own!). This post features Lucy, Alice, Leah, Tatiana and Theo!

Leah, Lucy, Tatiana and Theo

Lucy is going all-out with bright, summery colours and a playful attitude. Top by Sparrow and Wren. Skirt by The Glam Doll. Necklace (originally a headband!) from Lea’s Celebration Outfit by AG. Shoes from Lea’s Meet Outfit, also by AG.

Lucy, a curly-haired black doll wearing a green lace-trimmed top and a bright orange skirt.

Leah is going for a travel theme in her outfit: a slouchy brown sweatshirt, a skirt printed with an old map of Yorkshire, a pair of lace-up brown boots and a brown infinity scarf. Sweatshirt by The Glam Dolls. Skirt by me. Shoes are from Josefina’s Riding Outfit. Scarf is by Our Generation.

Leah, a doll with tanned skin and long caramel-brown hair, wearing a brown slouchy sweatshirt, a skirt with a map print, brown boots and a brown infinity scarf.

Theo combines badass and sweet: she’s chosen a red cardigan, black pleather top, rose-printed leggings and two-tone flats. Cardigan by MySewYouCreations. Top by DolliciousClothes. Leggings by The Glam Doll. Shoes from Grace’s City Outfit (AG).

Theo, a brown-haired white doll, wearing a red cardigan, black pleather top, black leggings printed with pink and red roses, and a pair of flats in two shades of pink.

Tatiana goes for a modern dance-inspired outfit: a simple black t-shirt and leggings with a floaty cotton skirt worn over the leggings. Shirt by Sparrow and Wren. Leggings by The Glam Doll. Skirt by me. Shoes from AG (one of last year’s holiday outfits whose name escapes me right now).


Alice channels the 70s-revival phase of the mid-to-late 90s with this look: a brilliantly coloured maxi dress, black tights and floral combat boots. Dress, leggings and shoes by AG.

Alice, an East Asian doll with curly turquoise hair, is wearing a bright halter dress made with pink, purple, green and yellow fabric. She's also wearing purple boots with blue and green flowers on them.

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