A photo of an East Asian doll with curly turquoise hair and brown eyes. She's wearing a red sweater with the word 'love' on it, a floaty white skirt and black leggings.

Name: Alice Lee
Birthday: 19 March 2584
How old am I? 15
Where do I come from? My parents are Singaporean Chinese off-worlders! I come from a planet that was colonised by humans.
When do I come from? The ~*future*~.
Languages: English, some Chinese
Religion: Atheist. I’m not a militant atheist or anything; I just don’t really think gods exist.
Favourite colour(s): I love really bright colours and pastels, and think earth tones are a bit boring.
Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff!

Hi, I’m Alice, and I come from the future! No, seriously, I do. I’m originally from a human colony on another planet. I’m in Year Eleven at school (if you live elsewhere you’d call it tenth grade or grade ten). My favourite subject is history, mostly because it’s interesting in and of itself, and because my mum’s a temporal physicist. That means she studies time travel. Sometimes she takes me along on her trips and I get to see history as it happens; afterwards, I write about it in essays for school. (That usually gives me top marks in history; I wish I was better at things like maths and PE too, but there’s no way to travel inside an isosceles triangle and experience it first-hand.) I don’t know if I’d call myself an ideal student because I sort of learn things in a diffuse way. I’ll remember what I’m interested in but if I don’t care about it, it goes in one ear and out the other. I’m also a bit scatterbrained sometimes and people have called me clueless before. I don’t really know if I am though; I just see things differently to other people sometimes.

When I leave school I want to become a fashion designer! I get a load of ideas from travelling in time and seeing what people have worn throughout the ages. In the meantime I’m a stylist for the rest of the Gang. I help everyone choose outfits that look good on them. Apart from fashion design, I like drawing, reading fiction, painting, visiting art museums, messing about in time, doodling intricate machines and spending time with my friends.

Sometimes it’s a bit lonely being the only teenager in the gang as I’d like to talk more about things like relationships, but I manage. I feel like an older sister to everyone anyway.

A few other random things about me: my favourite foods are Chinese pork buns, strawberries, yoghurt, chocolate and raspberries, I permanently changed my hair to be turquoise and curly, and I really like pop music Kanani would call saccharine. (But pop music isn’t a phoney sugar! I don’t understand how that works…)

(Alice is a customised Karito Kids Ling; I replaced her original wig with a curly turquoise Blythe wig I bought on Ebay. -Phineas)