Anya Gupta
Birthday: 2nd April 2004
Where am I from? London
How old am I? 12
Languages: English, Gujarati
Time period: Modern
Religion: Hinduism (sort of)
Favourite colours: Gold, black, silver, red
Hogwarts house: Slytherin

I’m Anya! I’m one of the newer members of the Interdimensional Crew, and a Mysterious Doll of Unknown Provenance. (Kidding! I’m from London.)

I love theatre, music and film. My dream is to become an actress, probably in West End or Broadway shows. I want to go to the BRIT School when I turn 14, and after I’m done there I’d like to study drama at RADA! Right now I’m just going to the local comprehensive and I’m bored of it as there isn’t any specialist drama stuff there. I’m all right with things like science and maths but if I’m going to be acting in plays I won’t have to do algebra. Bleurgh! At least Lucy can help me with it though.

When I’m not stuck doing homework I like to spend time with my friends, practise writing screenplays, sing songs from musicals when my sister’s not in the room, read, draw costumes and learn new dance routines.

My grandparents immigrated to the UK from Gujarat – that’s a state in India. I know a bit of Gujarati and am learning a little but I mostly speak English. I’m technically Hindu but I don’t really see myself as being very religious. I mostly just look forward to the festivals.