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Interdimensional Crew Lookbook

This is the first of a series of ‘Lookbook’ posts, where members of the Interdimensional Crew show off outfits that bring out their personalities and keep up with current trends (or in some cases, start their own!). This post features Lucy, Alice, Leah, Tatiana and Theo!

Leah, Lucy, Tatiana and Theo

Lucy is going all-out with bright, summery colours and a playful attitude. Top by Sparrow and Wren. Skirt by The Glam Doll. Necklace (originally a headband!) from Lea’s Celebration Outfit by AG. Shoes from Lea’s Meet Outfit, also by AG.

Lucy, a curly-haired black doll wearing a green lace-trimmed top and a bright orange skirt.

Leah is going for a travel theme in her outfit: a slouchy brown sweatshirt, a skirt printed with an old map of Yorkshire, a pair of lace-up brown boots and a brown infinity scarf. Sweatshirt by The Glam Dolls. Skirt by me. Shoes are from Josefina’s Riding Outfit. Scarf is by Our Generation.

Leah, a doll with tanned skin and long caramel-brown hair, wearing a brown slouchy sweatshirt, a skirt with a map print, brown boots and a brown infinity scarf.

Theo combines badass and sweet: she’s chosen a red cardigan, black pleather top, rose-printed leggings and two-tone flats. Cardigan by MySewYouCreations. Top by DolliciousClothes. Leggings by The Glam Doll. Shoes from Grace’s City Outfit (AG).

Theo, a brown-haired white doll, wearing a red cardigan, black pleather top, black leggings printed with pink and red roses, and a pair of flats in two shades of pink.

Tatiana goes for a modern dance-inspired outfit: a simple black t-shirt and leggings with a floaty cotton skirt worn over the leggings. Shirt by Sparrow and Wren. Leggings by The Glam Doll. Skirt by me. Shoes from AG (one of last year’s holiday outfits whose name escapes me right now).


Alice channels the 70s-revival phase of the mid-to-late 90s with this look: a brilliantly coloured maxi dress, black tights and floral combat boots. Dress, leggings and shoes by AG.

Alice, an East Asian doll with curly turquoise hair, is wearing a bright halter dress made with pink, purple, green and yellow fabric. She's also wearing purple boots with blue and green flowers on them.

Review Time: Spring Breeze Outfit

A picture of Lucy, a black doll with curly brown hair and turquoise glasses. She's wearing a light teal dress with a lacy overdress on top.

When I was in the Washington, DC, area last week and visited the Tyson’s Corner AG Place, I ended up picking up the Spring Breeze outfit, which was part of the small set of releases AG put out for Spring. It’s a five-piece outfit in a seasonally appropriate light teal, including

  • a cotton, slightly stretchy, sleeveless dress with a lacy trim at the bottom,
  • a sheer lace overdress, a pair of leggings,
  • a pair of matching sandals,
  • and a sparkly plastic headband.

I ended up having Lucy wear it because she, like other dark-skinned dolls, wears pastel colours well.


The full outfit is entirely colour-coordinated, with the same shade of teal being used throughout the outfit, creating a monochromatic look. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but it works for this outfit as worn by Lucy. The light tone of the outfit look more washed out on lighter-skinned dolls; I think it’s much more striking on dark- or medium-skinned dolls. Most of the outfit is of the quality people have come to expect from AG; it’s well-constructed, and there’s usually a chance that the outfit will last for a while before wearing out. That said, I would recommend some caution with the overdress though, especially if it’s going to be used by children of the target age; it’s more delicate than the rest of the outfit and may be snagged by the Velcro enclosure.


The sandals are by far the weakest part of the outfit. They’re cute, but they could have been improved. They don’t stay on Lucy’s feet very well, despite the presence of a clear strap that’s intended to keep the shoes on. I had to continually readjust them for this photo shoot, and I can imagine it being much worse for a target-age child to manage them. The other drawback is the gigantic ‘ego tag’ attached to the left shoe. It’s ridiculously large in proportion to the sandal, and it’s unclear why it needs to be there in the first place, unless it’s something their lawyers have advised them to to do. I’m also unsure whether silver really fits with the rest of the outfit either.


You can modify the look of the outfit by removing or adding different parts fairly easily. In fact, one of the reasons why I went for this outfit was that it would be easy to mix and match the separate components! I’m not sure how to reuse the overdress (though I’m sure I’ll find a way), but the top could be paired with leggings of a different colour, and the leggings could be used with other tops. I ended up removing the overdress and substituting the boots from Grace’s meet outfit for the sandals. Doesn’t the outfit look a bit more casual with these changes? I could also see a denim jacket (either dark blue or black) looking good with the outfit (either with or without the overdress) to break up some of the colour monotony. If I had a denim jacket in my doll-clothes collection, I’d definitely try it out. (But I don’t, alas – any recommendations?)

Overall verdict: Solid outfit, though the shoes are not nearly as high-quality as the rest of the outfit. If you want a nice, springy outfit with versatile components, pick it up. If it’s on sale, definitely pick it up; its list price is $32, which is pretty typical for a multi-part outfit.

Back to School with the Interdimensional Crew (by Saila)

Hey guys! This is my first time writing here and I just wanted to show you some of the back-to-school fashions we’ve put together.

First, here’s all of us together! I’ll describe the individual outfits as I go along.

Grace, Saila, Alice, Josefina, Caroline, Maryellen, Addy, Emily

Addy’s wearing her blue school dress. She looks really good in blue and the dress is super-fancy (at least to me! She says it’s normal for kids of her time though). Emily’s got on a mint-green dress and a brown shrug, and she’s borrowing Mary Ellen’s shoes.

Emily and Addy
Emily and Addy
Emily and Addy

Grace is wearing the outfit she wore to AGP Boston – a slouchy brown sweatshirt, colourful geometric leggings and a pair of stompy black boots. She also has her wheelchair now, which will help with her mobility issues. Josefina’s wearing a ruffly white camisa and a red striped skirt – that outfit looks super comfy!

Grace and Josefina
Grace and Josefina

I lent Caroline my blue cardigan – I thought it’d match the colour of her eyes. She’s wearing Grace’s meet shirt underneath (covering up that stupid tacky print), a pair of jeggings and a pair of grey polka-dot flats that Grace and Emily picked up from AGP last weekend. She’s from 1812 but she’ll wear modern stuff anyways because she’s a time traveller. Mary Ellen is wearing her poodle skirt outfit – so 50s!

Caroline and Maryellen
Caroline and Maryellen

And finally… Alice and me! Alice is wearing a cool punk-inspired outfit that she got on Etsy, accessorized with her ‘Queer Nerd’ button. I’m pulling a Claudia Kishi from the Baby-Sitters Club with my outfit. I threw on a pink sweatshirt with studs, a floaty white skirt that I borrowed from Grace, and some black leggings, and put my hair in a side ponytail. (The BSC books are some of my favourite books, even though they’re really retro now. I bet my mom read them when she was a kid. No cellphones or internet? I think modern technology would make their jobs a lot easier. Like, Claudia wouldn’t stand out for having her ~*own phone line*~ – gasp!)

Saila and Alice
Saila and Alice


Attempts at sewing.

Here are various attempts at making or altering doll clothes as a relative novice at sewing (I’ve done it for years… but awkwardly, and not in a while, so I still see this as novice-quality):

Josefina’s skirt is made of teal fabric with a floral pattern that I thought might work for her time period and personal style. The waistband is elastic, but you can’t see it underneath her belt (which is actually a headband from an Our Generation outfit, since I can’t seem to find her original!).

Emily is wearing a simple blue skirt with an elastic waistband, made with a white and blue floral pattern that wouldn’t seem too out of place in the 40s. She’s paired it with a white shirt whose sleeves I cut off to shorten. The stitches could be better, but that’s hand-sewing and somewhat awkward hand-eye coordination for you. 😛

Caroline’s tunic shirt was originally an Our Generation playsuit, but I thought it would be more versatile as a shirt that could be worn over jeans or leggings, so I snipped the leg openings of the playsuit, folded the extra bits of fabric inwards and sewed them together to make it a shirt instead. Caroline is modelling it over Saige’s denim leggings.

Grace is wearing a sleeveless t-shirt and skirt; I experimented with the shirt by making it have slightly bow-shaped velcro straps. Not sure how it worked, but it was a try, wasn’t it?

I made Alice a knitted black t-shirt and skirt, which she’s wearing with the top of Felicity’s Riding Habit. Unfortunately it’s a bit more difficult to see than the others’ because of the habit, but I think it’s a good combination (though not very seasonally appropriate right now – it’s a good thing she’s a doll, or I think she’d overheat).