Birthday: 11 May 2004
How old am I? 12
Where am I from? Guildford, Surrey, England
Time period: Modern.
Languages: English and BSL (British Sign Language); doing a bit of German at school
Religion: Nominal Church of England – like Emily, she’ll go for Christmas and Easter, but isn’t otherwise religious
Favourite colours: pink, blue, black
Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw

Hi, I’m Elizabeth. I’m 12, and I live in Guildford, in Surrey, with my parents and my sister Felicity. That’s one of the Home Counties, near London. I go to a girls’ school near Brighton. I like my school, but it’s difficult going to school away from home as I miss my sister and my local friends, but I’ve been able to meet interesting people I wouldn’t have done otherwise. Also it gets me a bit of space from my parents. I get on with them well enough, but I argue with them a lot about politics as they vote Tory! If I could vote I’d probably vote Green.

I’m a bit shy when I first get to know people but become more chatty once I get closer to them. I’m interested in law, politics, painting, spending time outdoors and history.

When I leave school I want to read Law at university and become a barrister. That’s a lawyer that argues cases in court*. Either that or work for a non-governmental organisation specialising in human rights.

Another interesting fact about me: I know some BSL, or British Sign Language. This is because my younger sister Felicity is Deaf. She was born with severe hearing loss so she – and the rest of us – learnt how to use sign language to talk to people. She goes to a specialist, bilingual school for deaf children. I’ve used some of my BSL to chat with Leah as well, as she often uses Auslan which is similar to BSL in some ways. (Though I’d have to learn from scratch to sign to American Deaf people, as ASL is completely different to BSL and Auslan!)

I’m relatively new to the Crew, but I spend most of my time with Lucy, Kanani and Leah.

* In the UK and a few other countries, people who practise law can either represent people in court (barristers) or work on things like wills (solicitors).