Emily, a white doll with dark red hair, blue eyes and freckles. She's wearing a cream-coloured dress.

Name: Emily Bennett
Birthday: 29 September 1933
How old am I? 11
Where do I come from? London.
Time period: 1940s/Second World War era. I’ll sometimes wear clothing from different periods, though.
Languages: English, some French
Religion: Church of England, though I’m not very religious.
Favourite colour(s): I like cooler colours like purple, blue and green.
Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw
Best friends: Addy, Alice

I grew up during the Second World War, though we mostly called it ‘the war’ back then. I lived in London all my life until I was evacuated to America to stay with an aunt when London was being bombed, where I spent some time in Illinois. I think I would have enjoyed going on holiday to America if it wasn’t wartime, but it’s different when you’re being separated from your parents, your friends and everything else you know. I went back home afterwards, and then found myself with the Crew. Well, back then I was the Crew, as I was the first arrival.

I’m a bit shy and prefer to have a few close friends instead of lots of friends I’m not really all that close to. I’m also sensitive to loud noises and rough textures and try and avoid them if possible.

I’ve always really enjoyed school. My best subjects are maths and English, though I like French and art as well. The appeal of maths is that it’s constant. It doesn’t really turn your world upside down, and that’s important when you’ve seen so many things change around you in such a short time. I’m good at French because my mother’s French – she moved to England several years before I was born because she was Jewish and thought England would be safer. She’s also the one who nudged me towards art as she’s a painter. I’ve always done better doing written essays than doing practical classes though – I’m often worried that I’ll get chemicals down my front or something in a chemistry lesson. (That’s a bit more Maryellen’s sort of subject, honestly.) I also hate PE lessons, especially hockey. (That’s what they’d refer to as ‘field hockey’ in North America; we didn’t do ice hockey at school!)

In my spare time I like to read, either by covering up under a cosy duvet with an electric torch or sitting by the fireplace. (Things I like about living outside my time period: duvets, electric torches, the internet, no rationing.) When he’s out doing other things I’ll sneak into the Big Person’s books and start reading everything I possibly can. Part of that is down to my father, I suppose; he is a university lecturer who specialises in English literature.

My favourite thing about being with the Crew – well, besides getting to know a really nice group of people – is the complete lack of rationing! I can eat all the chocolate, oranges, bananas, biscuits and cakes I fancy.