A picture of an East Asian doll with light skin. She has red-tinted black hair, and is wearing a green shirt with gold triangles.

Name: Jessamyn (Jess) Florence McConnell
Birthday: 22 March 2005
How old am I?: 11
Where am I from? Edinburgh, Scotland. My mum’s Japanese and moved to Scotland as a master’s student. I have an Irish surname because my dad’s family settled in Scotland from Ireland in the 19th century.
Time period: Modern.
Languages: English, doing German at school, knows a few Japanese words
Religion: Atheist.
Favourite colour(s): Mint green, light pink, peach, yellow
Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw

– lived in Edinburgh all her life; mother teaches history at the University of Edinburgh, father is an art dealer
– Friendly and inquisitive, though shyer than Maryellen
– in Year 7 (or an equivalent) at a local independent day school
– Loves making, listening to and writing music; she plays violin and piano
– Loves reading, especially urban fantasy and magical realism
– upper-middle class and is sometimes clueless about class issues, but is called out by Addy and Kanani
– Likes floaty pop music like Imogen Heap, music that verges on the theatrical like Kate Bush and Florence + the Machine, indie-rock like Alessi’s Ark and Cults, & indie-folk like Joanna Newsom
– Identifies as British, Scottish and Japanese
– wants to become a musicologist, professional musician or English Literature lecturer when she grows up
– Aesthetic: fairy lights, twirly skirts, rose-scented candles, butterflies, watercolour paintings, sprigs of lavender in her room