Name: Leah Almeida
Birthday: 20th January 2004
How old am I?: 12
Where am I from? Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Dad’s Brazilian though.
Time period: Modern. 😀
Languages: English and Brazilian Portuguese
Religion: Meh. Dad’s Catholic. Mum doesn’t really care one way or the other and neither do I.
Favourite colour(s): I like really bright eye-searing colours or basic neutrals like black, white and grey.
Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff

Hi! I’m Leah.

I’m getting used to living in the Northern Hemisphere and needing to bundle up in January. January is supposed to be hot, not so bitterly cold that you need a coat, long-sleeved tops, gloves and warm boots. And definitely no slipping on ice or having snow wet the bottoms of your jeans or leggings. (Can you tell how I feel about snow? Anyway…)

I’m in Year 8 at school. When I grow up I want to become a travel journalist! I’ve been with my parents on business trips before – and trips to Brazil to see my grandparents – and it’s really exciting getting to see different places and noticing how different everything is when you look around you. Like the time when I got to visit Switzerland and ski there! Well, try to ski anyway, I was kind of clumsy and awkward. I love Australia, but sometimes you’ve just got to see what else is out there. If I don’t become a travel journalist I want to become a photographer. I’m always taking photos, either with a proper camera or my phone’s camera. I want to get a DSLR but Mum and Dad say it’s a bit too spendy for someone my age. xD

In my spare time I like spending time with my friends, taking photos on Instagram, working on my travel blog and playing with my dog. I think I’m a pretty friendly person; I love meeting new people and getting to know them. Life’s always best when you’ve got a lot of friends around you, and I look forward to getting close to the fellow members of the Crew.