Name: Lucy Endeavour Fearne
Birthday: 10 October 2004
How old am I? 11.5
Where do I come from? San Francisco by way of New York! Though my mom’s family is from Trinidad and my dad’s family is from the UK. Dad moved to New York before I was born and met Mom there.
Time period: Modern.
Languages: English, some Spanish (you’ll learn at least SOME Spanish if you live in California!), and a bit of Latin
Religion: Meh.
Favourite colour(s): Pink and green.
Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw or Gryffindor.
Best friends: Kanani

I’m Lucy! Um, I’m kind of shy and suck at intros, but let me try anyway.

I consider myself to be from San Francisco, even though I was born in New York City. There are a lot of things I love about living in SF, like Golden Gate Park, the Exploratorium, the De Young Museum and all the cool restaurants, though I wish there was more stuff for kids my age to do there.

I have an unpopular opinion for a lot of kids: I like school and learning and get upset when school lets out for the summer (unless I’m doing something cool like science camp!). My best subject in school is math, and I’ve been bumped up several levels so I’m not stuck learning about basic stuff like long division, fractions and decimals with everyone else my age. I am literally one of those people who will solve math problems and watch Khan Academy videos just for fun. I get really angry when other black kids try to tell me that I’m ‘acting white’ because I like school. No, I’m acting like me. Math isn’t the only thing I’m into though: I like fantasy and adventure books, attempt to write fantasy-adventure novels, and role-play. Surprisingly enough, I don’t like video games. Saila doesn’t get why, because a lot of them are fantasy or adventure-themed, but they just make me dizzy, especially first-person ones. When I grow up I want to be an astrophysicist, fantasy writer, mathematician, cognitive scientist or astronaut. Too bad I can’t be ALL those things at once!

I’m also autistic – for me that means getting overloaded when I’m around too many people, not understanding certain social cues, doing stimmy things like spinning around my room or waving my hands around, getting really sucked up in subjects I find interesting (like math!), not liking people changing things on me all the time (especially at the last minute), overexplaining things and being kind of particular about stuff.

Everyone else mentioned food so I may as well mention the ones I like best here: roti paratha/buss-up-shot (Trinidadian-style with white flour, or the buttery Indonesian/Malaysian kind, that is!), dhalpuri roti (made with chickpeas – known as dhal in Hindi), banoffee pie, San Francisco-style burritos, gyoza, callaloo (a Trinidadian spinach soup made with crab legs), curried chicken with potatoes, bake, kurma, peanut punch and chicken strips. 😀

My closest friend here is probably Kanani, though I get along with the other girls too, especially Emily. I’ve been in the Crew for about two months and am really glad to be here.