Name: Theodora (Theo) Dawson
Birthday: 24th October 2002
How old am I? 13
Where am I from? Brighton, England, UK
Time period: Modern
Languages: English, learning French, German and Latin
Religion: Pagan-ish
Favourite colours: Pink, peach, green, black
Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw
Romantic orientation: Lesbian
Gender identity: Femme (she/her or they/them)

Hi! I’m Theo. It’s short for Theodora, but only a few people actually call me that. My friends certainly don’t!

Elizabeth and I go to the same school (and we’re in the same house!), though she boards and I don’t because I live so close to the school anyway. She’s one of my best friends and I’m glad to be here with her and the rest of the Crew. My favourite subjects are English, art, French and German. I want to go to university and study linguistics – the way languages work is fascinating. I’d say I liked music as well but I’m crap at actually playing music or making it – I just like listening to it! My musical tastes are eclectic – I like crap pop music like Kesha and Katy Perry, art-rock like The Decemberists, Kate Bush and Fleet Foxes, and some folk music as well.

I’m a bit nerdy (though some people might say that I’m understating!). I really like Harry Potter, Doctor Who and Star Wars. I write fanfiction and blog about Various Character Feels, though I can’t say I’m a shipper. I’ve been known to read dictionaries and style guides for fun sometimes, and I am a bit of a grammar and spelling stickler. I try not to be mean about it though. I also like baking. I’m experimenting with making more fiddly things like profiteroles and √©clairs, but I don’t think I’ve completely worked it out yet. I’ll learn eventually. I also like to try and teach myself languages – I’m practising Latin right now using a few apps on my phone. Lucy is doing some Latin as well so we sometimes practise with each other. I love to travel as well – I’ve got to go to France, Italy, Spain, Ireland, America, Germany and Japan with my parents.

(Any physical resemblance to my American doppelgänger, Grace Thomas, is purely coincidental.)